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TechCrunch - Welcome to Sweden and 24 Hour Business Camp!

We are happy to announce that TechCrunch Europe will be present as a media partner to the 24 Hour Business Camp! Mike Butcher, editor of TechCrunch Europe, finds the Swedish Startup Scene particularly interesting. He comments: "In terms of regions, the fastest growing markets for tech startups have been Scandinavia, Israel, the Balkans countries, and broadly across the "New Europe" of former Eastern European states. The Swedish startup climate in particular has always produced a rich range of tech companies due to the highly educated population and the Swedish knack for great design. The scene there is also taking on many of the best characteristics of Silicon Valley, namely networking and the open sharing of knowledge and information between entrepreneurs.”

So, participants at the 24 Hour Business Camp – make sure to pitch your 24-hour startup to Charlotta Hedman, who will be TechCrunch’s journalist at the camp!

We would also like to welcome Internetworld as a mediapartner! They will have an “Editorial Corner” at the camp and also participate with a team.

Also, welcome Joakim Jardenberg and Björn Falkevik who will be reporting from the 24hbc by blogging and filming live from Hasseludden. So if you are not at Hasseludden yourself, you can still follow the event in real-time, though their eyes.

Other media (that we know of so far) that will be represented at the camp are Arctic Startup and DI.se.

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