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Team Lokalikea

People change, and so does places too. Places tends to pulsate throughout days and weeks, sometimes more likeable then others.

Lokalikea is a real-time location based review application taking the pulse on which location spots are hot at the moment. Where should I go out tonight? Which side of the soccer arena is most popular? What kind of lunchrestaurants has the best daily menu today?

The application automatically sends your location when you press like. That information is gathered and shared publicly so that anyone can see in realtime which place is the hottest at the moment. You can also easily browse through the hottest places nearby.

The team

Måns Adler, well known for his successful founded company Bambuser. Roots from Behavioral Science and Kaospilot. An innovative entrepreneur that brings up a lot ideas to the table.

Anna Oscarsson - Happy, energetic and solution focused entrepreneur with the roots in Economy and a Kaospilot. Anna works as a process consultant beside her bachelor studies in Organization and Leadership. Newly started the Mini Seedcamp winner and TechCrunch Europas nominated company Kvittar.

Jacob Lönroth is an entrepreneur who got interested in programming when he arranged LAN-parties in 1999. After a few years living abroad and finishing his business degree he started programming again. At the incubator MINC he is now working on his company MobileTail that will change the way we buy mobile subscriptions. Jacob is also one of the co-founders of SpeedPitching and runs the website Draknästet.se.

Niklas Silfverström, a programmer and entrepreneur with the roots in Lund with a passion for everything that seems possible. Found his first programming book at the age of 14 and never looked back since. After a brief period of time studying law and physiology at Lunds University he left the studies to start up Skyforge AB where the vision is to do European Banks more adapted to the 21th century.

Alfred Gunnarsson can best be described as a Malmo citizen and freelance graphic art designer with one year of studies to go. With a background in pedagogic and technical science it is not that hard to imagine that information graphic is his favorite area. But everything that has to do with the visual bring my focus.

Alexander Liljengård, is a guy from Gothenburg that nowadays lives in Lund. He runs an IT-firm together with two colleagues that do a lot of cool stuff. Alexander is a fast learner and it doesn't take many minutes until he has learned how something works. Everything started 1999, when he was ten years old. That was when he got his first computer. A couple of years later he masters ASP, and can program more languages.

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