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Prakash's pitch..


This is Prakash, yet another mobile software developer of indian origin living in the beautiful city, Göteborg.

As with any reasonable mobile developer,i felt it is almost impossible to stay away from AppStore. After few baby steps, i managed to see iKartor (My version of allakartor.se) in AppStore last week!

As a next step or gallop, i thought i will make an iPhone application as my 24HBC project. If you think its crazy, i am completely with you :)

My plan now is to build an iPhone application which creates love connection between minds with capabilities and minds with opportunities to use those capabilities!

In other words, an application that makes it painless & easy to find jobs/candidates!

I will try and stick to my favorite quote: Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~Albert Einstein

I wasn't aware of 24hbc when it happened last time, but very glad to know about and apply in time! I am quite positive and glad that this is already a paradigm shifting experience!

Wishing you everyone the very best to realize your ideas and see you in few days/hours..

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