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Find local jobs with DreamJob

Dreamjob is an iPhone application that brings job searching to iPhone!

What's the twist with Dreamjob?

In two words, Local Jobs!

Yes. By knowing your location, it shows you the available jobs that are just right around your corner!

Ofcourse, it is not limited to local! You can also do a full fledged power search and the application searches across the vast amount of listings from Workey.

And thats not the only twist!

When you did come across a listing of your liking, you can apply right from your iPhone!

The application utilizes the power of creating a quality profile from Stack Overflow Careers.

So, sending one URL would save you from all the trouble of formatting, attaching the perfect resume!

Those are just the highlights! The other differentiating features are:

* Featured employers

* Categorized search results by location (coming up)

* Watchlist of jobs/keywords/employers (coming up)

One other huge twist which is currently under development is to use the content listings from different providers.

Stay tuned for some more sweeping features!

If you want to feel how the application behaves on your iPhone, provide your UDID here!

Cheers - Prakash

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