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areyouwithme.at Creates Action

"I'll do it if you join me"

areyouwithme.at is an easy and active way to invite and engage people to participate and take action on things you find fun or important. It appeals to people's need to share and join together for a common cause or interest. Things that are more fun and easier to get done in a group of people, like cleaning up your neighbourhood, helping out in a community, organizing a trip or a gathering in a special place. Or why not just dance the night away in a group!

Create, Share and Join!
All you need to do is name your action, set the place, time and date, and number of people you want to join. Share easily to all your friends via Facebook, Twitter, mail or SMS (coming soon). As soon as your action reaches the number of people you wish to attend, a notification will be sent to confirm the action. There's no registration needed, nor is e-mail or user information shared.

Not just another Facebook group
areyouwithme.at differs from e.g. Facebook groups by focusing on the direct response when actively engaging by sharing and inviting people to join your action. It's easy to join or subscribe to the discussion about the actions one's joined.

Upcoming features include a Facebook application to display ones actions and invite people directly on Facebook, geotagging to find actions close to ones location, and search by date& time and location.

Of cource you can! For brands, companies and event organizers areyouwithme.at offers an opportunity to engage with people by enabling a collaborative effort.

Follow all the action happening at areyouwithme.at on the blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Join us on action today!

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