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Erik Starck and Patrik Gullstrand says Hi from the Startup Garage

Patrik Gullstrand is the CEO of Skåne's leading open source- and linux company: Örestad Linux. He lives in Södervidinge outside Kävlinge outside Lund outside Malmö outside Copenhagen with wife and (very soon) 2 kids.

And yes, he has a real garage!

Erik Starck is a social media and startup junkie who lives in Sundbyberg with his girlfriend Åsa. Erik was part of 24HBC 1.0 and can't wait to experience another 24 hours of hard, intense, focused work, almost no sleep, stress and troubling Apache configuration files. Aaah. It was great last time! :)

We're working on a project called Startup Garage. This project is in itself larger than a 24 hour project but we will build and (hopefully) launch a sub-project during the time at Hasseludden. The working name is: RateMyPitch.

So, what is Startup Garage? We think this is a site people like the members of 24hbc will love. It's a site for people who want to take their ideas to the next level. In our roadmap are "demo days" in front of investors and a 3 months long camp (think: 24hbc stretched out to 3 months).

For that last one we need money, though.

Lots of money.

So, any investors reading this: contact us at erik _at_ startupgarage.se or find us somewhere at Hasseludden next week. We need your help to make our little garage as great as we think it can be.

A big Happy Hacking to everyone else! See you next week.

Updated: We're on Twitter: Erik, Patrik, the garage.

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