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About 24hbc

The 24 Hour Business Camp was first organized in February by internet entrepreneur Ted Valentin to inspire other people to build their own startup. During 24 hours, 90 participants tested their creative limits and launched 54 new startups! The event was a success in that it inspired the participants to find the essence of their business idea and make it real it in a limited time frame, proving that all you need to start a company today is a computer and the internet.

This time, the event is co-organized by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) and Ted Valentin, who happens to be an SSES alumn. At SSES we encourage our students to “dare to jump” and the 24 Hour Business Camp provides an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurial minds to explore their abilities in an inspirational environment. The event is open to anyone with a great idea, but is mainly targeted towards the developers’ community and student entrepreneurs from the SSES partner schools, allowing for a good mix of people and competences.

This camp’s theme will circle around API:s. We hope to engage companies and organizations who are willing to open up their information to allow for our innovative entrepreneurs to create some amazing new services based on existing APIs. However, we do not want the theme to be a constraint. You are welcome to participate if you have a business idea that you would like to realize in 24 hours, even if it is not based on a certain API.

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