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The 24 Hour Business Camp will happen again!

Welcome to join the most creative event of 2009 on October 28-30 at Hasseludden Yasuragi.

This time, the event is organized by the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) together with Ted Valentin, the initiator of the 24 Hour Business Camp. Ted will act as “advisor and inspirational force” to make sure the event will keep the good spirit from the last camp!

At SSES we love initiatives like the 24 Hour Business Camp. Some have questioned “But will the startup created in 24 hours be profitable?” Maybe, maybe not. The purpose of this event is to allow innovative people to be creative and dare to jump! I think most of us have a dream to some day try something new, but find it hard to get around to that day. By participating in the 24 Hour Business Camp, you get a set date to kick off that dream. And you get to do it with 100 other creative spirits at the same time in the same room!

Today, it is possible to create amazing new services and applications based on existing APIs that companies and organizations open up for developers to use. Therefore, the theme for this 24 Hour Business Camp is Mashups and APIs. However, we don’t want to close the door for participants who want to create a startup that is not related to the theme, so anyone with a great idea that they believe they can realize in 24 hours is welcome to participate!

Looking forward to meeting you on the 28th of October at Hasseludden Yasuragi!

Marie Sundström, SSES

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